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Medicom history

Medicom LLC has been successfully developing, manufacturing and integrating medical diagnostic equipment for Holter monitoring in Russia for over 40 years. Our company’s specialists have created unique developments in the field of information systems, instrumentation and telemedicine based on the Holter ECG to monitor the cardiovascular system and identify life-threatening events that require an emergency response. The history of Medicom dates back to the late 70’s, when the decree of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) and the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 870 dated 09/22/1977 on the development and serial production of equipment for Holter ECG monitoring was issued. Back then research and development of Holter systems started on the basis of Central Research Institute (CRI) "Cometa" which was involved in the creation of large space information management systems. The first Holter system “Lenta-MT” (Figure 1) with LN-3 wearable cardiac monitor (Figure 2) was created in 1982, with which the history of daily monitoring of ECG in Russia began.

Figure 1. Lenta-MT - the first Holter system developed at the CRI “Cometa”

Figure 2. LN-3 wearable cardiac monitor

1984 was marked by the fact that for the first time in the world, the Holter monitor developed at the CRI “Cometa” was used on board of the Salyut 7 space station (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Salyut 7 space station where Holter system was applied for the first time in the world in 1984

In 1990 the Central Research Institute "Cometa" registered “Equipment for registration, analysis and display of ECG long-term control with electronic memory” named “Icar” (Figure 4).

Figure 4. Registration certificate for “Icar” Holter monitoring system

Development and validation of the portable cardiac monitor-analyzer “Icar” was carried out in collaboration with All-Union Cardiology Research Center, Leningrad Research Institute of Cardiology, and “MosPribor” factory (Figure 5).

Figure 5. List of research and development organizations involved in designing “Icar” Holter monitoring system

In order to further development of the medical field of work and the transition to self-financing, the Central Research Institute "Cometa" established the joint stock company "Medicom" in 1992 (Figure 6).

Figure 6. Order on the establishment of the joint stock company "Medicom"

In 2013, “Icar” modernized Holter ECG system (Figure 7) was released, which provides information processing in a portable device for screening diagnostics. It also allows to obtain full daily ECG recording on 3 leads for further processing on a PC.

Figure 7. Modernized “Icar” Holter ECG monitoring system

Year 2014 was marked by the release of two devices: multifunctional Holter system “Medicom-combi” and innovative complex BRL-2.1. “Medicom-combi” (Figure 8) is a new multifunctional system for long-term monitoring of electrocardiogram, blood pressure, rheopneumogram and pulse oximetry of patients in normal life conditions.

Figure 8. Multifunctional Holter system “Medicom-combi” released in 2014

The innovative BRL-2.1 complex (Figure 9) is purposed for assessing the state of human blood vessels by determining the pulse wave velocity using a non-contact and non-invasive method of bioradiolocation.

Figure 9. BRL-2.1 complex released in 2014

Medicom developers are members of The IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Since 2018 Medicom is applying machine learning approaches for ECG analysis. Several studies have been conducted in the field of QRS recognition based on artificial neural networks as well as atrial fibrillation detection with various Deep Learning models. The results of the research were presented at “eCardiology - eHealth” [LINK to the research page] and “FRUCT 25” [LINK to the research page] conferences (Figure 10), meanwhile the algorithmic outcomes are used in Medicom software for automatic Holter records analysis. A range of research is still in progress, but the possible practical results are planned to be deployed into the Holter monitoring systems of Medicom.

Figure 10. Conferences where the conducted ML research were presented

At the moment, Medicom devices are used in more than 6000 medical institutions throughout Russia and the CIS countries. There are thousands of Medicom Holter monitoring systems in Russia with warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment, user training, and services of components and consumables supply.

The production line includes:

> Holter ECG monitoring systems based on the following recorders:

       - IN-33 (3 channels);

       - IN-33M (3/12 channels);

       - IN-33T (telemedicine).

> Daily blood pressure (BP) monitors for BP monitoring based on the recorders:

       - MD-01 (oscillometric method);

       - MD-01M (oscillometric + auscultatory methods).

> Combined ECG, BP, rheopneumogram, SpO2 and nasal airflow monitoring systems based on the recorders:

       - KR-03;

       - KR-04;

       - KR-05;

       - KR-06.

> Consumables for functional diagnostics:

       - ECG cables;

       - disposable electrodes;

       - cuffs and more.

The scope of application includes:

> functional diagnostics;

> cardiology.

Medicom implements projects under the import substitution program in Russia. The products are multifunctional and provide high quality at affordable prices.

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